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The Most Comfortable Sleeper Chair

The WiseLift 450 is soft,  plush and exceptionally comfortable.  It lays completely flat, for a comfortable night of sleep regardless of your sleeping position.   The chair back and feet operate independently, so find a position just right for you, and sleep through the night. The easy to use remote can memorize your favorite sleep position, and get you there every night. The WiseLift 450 is a favorite with those suffering from sleep apnea or chronic snoring.  You’ll get the best sleep  whether you lay perfectly flat, or need your head or feet elevated.

The Most Advanced Lift Chair

The  smooth and quiet WiseLift 450’s motors  provide a smooth and stable transition from sitting to standing. This will provide more freedom to you or your loved one around the house and create a safer environment. If you have knee, hip or back pain, you’ll experience true comfort and independence.  Let the WiseLift 450 do the lifting and squatting for you.

The Most Versatile Recliner

The WiseLift 450 is plush and exceptionally comfortable, honed to perfection through the expertise of our world-class designer.  A favorite in media rooms, it is ergonomically engineered for long lasting relaxation. The back rest can be adjusted so your neck and shoulders are at the precise vertical viewing angle for watching tv or reading. That’s the feature in high end media chairs. You’ll want to spend all day in your WiseLift 450.

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Veterans Appreciation Discounts

NO FORMS !   Simply inform your WiseLift assistant if you are on Medicare, or are a Veteran.    Ordering your WiseLift chair takes only a few minutes, and orders received by 3:00 pm ship the same day!

Feel better in a Wiselift 450

Ever wonder what rejuevenation feels like?



time spent in your wiselift 450 will be time spent rejuvenating. vibration massage zones extend from your upper back down to your legs.

Every time you sleep in the Wiselift 450 it's going to fee like the first time, and you'll sleep through the night.

WiseLift Chairs are designed for ease of use with the highest quality of material and specifications. With one remote,  change all chair settings including, heat, massage, and recline positions.  Every WiseLift Chair is meticulously inspected and tested to ensure reliability.

The WiseLift chair is crafted from the highest quality materials, and covered with luxurious Enduralux fabric or Enduralux leather – very soft, plush and durable.   The WiseLift chair is so simple to use and very easy to clean.  Take the stress off your knees and back with our most advanced lift feature. You’ll experience true comfort and independence

The seat is constructed of 8 layers, including memory foam, plush layers of padding, and 90 pocket coils designed for long-lasting durability and comfort-  That’s what’s in high end sleeper beds so its supportive and going to keep that comfort.  

Comfort by Design

The WiseLift chair is crafted from the highest quality materials, and covered with luxurious Enduralux fabric or Enduralux leather – very soft, plush and durable.   The WiseLift chair is so simple to use and very easy to clean.  Add years of freedom and independence in your own home.

back rest

The chair back cradles you with 9 overstuffed pillow biscuits for maximum full body support and relaxation.

seat cushion

The seat is constructed of 8 layers, including memory foam, plush layers of padding, and 90 pocket coils designed for long-lasting durability and comfort –  That’s what’s in high end sleeper beds so its supportive and going to keep that comfort.

Our Favorite Review…

“For the first time in over 28 years I slept all the way through the night! Because of my back problems and being disabled too, I can’t get comfortable at night! Now my future is looking a lot brighter
with my WiseLift Sleeper and Lift Chair!”
Mrs. Chrismas, QVC Customer, 2018

Infinite Positions.

There’s One for You

With independent control of the leg rest and backrest, You’re sure to find just the right position for your comfort.  By adjusting the backrest or leg rest, you’ll find a position that relieves pressure from your back, hips and knees. 


Choose between breathable microfiber fabric material or our more durable vegan leather. Enduralux™ Fabric and Enduralux™ Leather are offered in a variety of colors to match any home decor

Enduralux Leather

Enduralux Leather is soft, plush and durable, designed to look great in your home.  The variations in grain and texture reflect the visual appearance of realistic leather.   Enduralux Leather withstands scratches and scrapes, that would mar genuine leather.  You’ll have no problem wiping this chair clean.  Enduralux leather is stain resistant and fade resistant.. With Enduralux Leather, your WiseLift 450 is not going to feel hot in the summer or cold in the winter.

Feather Gray

A charcoal grey with slight blue undertones. Reminds you of a well lit night sky.

Dusk Blue

A warm blue, the color of the ocean at night with a subtle gray undertone.


A vibrant cranberry red color which appears more maroon in darker lighting. Burgundy is the perfect accent chair to make a statement in your living room.


Our lightest available color is a more modern grey color. This neutral grey looks perfect with almost any accent color.


A light sandy brown that compliments many different interior colors. Subtle orange undertone.


A soft, medium brown color with dark yellow or red undertones; it closely resembles the bark of a Saquoia tree


A dark red-ish purple tending towards brown. Reminiscent of burgundy wine, it encourages feelings of warmth and comfort


A soft, medium brown color with dark yellow and red undertones; it closely resembles the bark of a Sequoia tree


Neither very dark nor very light, this is a medium brown color with subtle auburn undertones and a hue reminiscent of a classic English Tan


A warm black, we sometimes refer to this color as “Ink Black” because of the deep rich black tone.

Enduralux Fabric

Enduralux Fabric is a breathable micro-suede performance fabric designed to look great in your home.  The material is soft, plush and durable, and fade resistant.   Enduralux Fabric is pet approved and kid friendly.  It is low maintenance and you’ll have no problem wiping this chair clean.

Could it Get Any Easier?

You’ll enjoy how simple the remote is to use.  The feature packed WiseLift 450 remote gives you complete control as you relax. A built in speaker plays audible confirmation of the position and function selected and simple icon depictions and LCD display make this remote best in class.  The backlit buttons are soft and easy to press.  For your safety, if you release a button that is repositioning the WiseLift 450, the chair will stop moving, 

built in speaker

You’ll enjoy the voice confirmation of your selection, instead of reaching for your glasses.  Each button press is confirmed with a soft voice readback.  The feature can be turned on or off.

Light up display & buttons

You’ll be able to see the light up display and buttons even in a dark room

Honorable Mention

5 Memory Buttons

The WiseLift 450 has 5 pre-programmed positions: Trendelenburg, Sleep, Zero Gravity, TV and Sit.  The WL450 dual motors allow infinite positons by controlling the seat-back and foot-rest independently. The 5 preset positions can be customized to your personal preference:

No Power? No Problem

You’ll be able to get up safely in case of a power outage.   The back-up battery safety system ensures that you can lift  or return the chair to the original seated position even when the power goes out.

Doctors' Orders

The construction of the seat is so durable and can withstand years of rigorous use.

Use these simple exercise techniques to strengthen your body and maintain the ability to live independently.  You’ll fee rejuvenated with increased confidence

Tranquil Motion

The computerized mechanics provide quiet, smooth and synchronized movement when changing positions to alleviate pressure on the lower back and hips.

Side Pockets

The WL450 has storage pockets on both side for quick and convenient access to books, magazines or personal electronic devices and the remote control. Your favorite things will be within reach all of the time

In The Know

The WiseLift innovations are frequently featured in the news and on popular TV shows.  Check back often for the latest feature programming.

Kathy Ireland

Modern Living with Kathy Ireland features modern solutions to enhance quality living

Super Bowl Champ Isaiah Stanback

Workout in your WiseLift 450 with Super Bowl Champ Isaiah Stanback.

Veteran Jase Wheeler Rebuilding our Heroes

With a Mission to Hire & House Veterans while integrating reclaimed, recycled, and biodegradable materials, The WiseLift 450 has been selected to furnish each of these Eco-friendly homes build by veterans for veterans

assembles in 2 minutes

What’s in the Box

WiseLift 450Lift Chair in the color and Enduralux material of your choice. Ships in 2 boxes., and assembles with no tools needed. We’ve thought of everything, including your convenience.  Snap the back on and plug it in. 


 2 machine washable & absorbent seat protectors.

Headrest Cover – used in place of the headrest & lumbar pillow.  you’re choice.  You’ll have them both.


Headrest & lumbar pillow – filled with memory foam, adjust to your exact comfort,  from the top of the headrest to the lower lumbar 


Fitted Arm Rest Covers – Removable and washable with a damp cloth



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