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General Questions

Welcome to WiseLift! We are grateful for your interest in our products.  Please see the FAQs to the right, and additional information below.  if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact our friendly customer service  team at (800) 777-0770 
We look forward to your next visit to

what is white glove delivery?

White glove service eliminates any stress of moving and assembling your chair. It includes a two-person delivery team who will place your WiseLift chair in the room of your choice. Most importantly, white glove service includes full assembly.

Once your WiseLift chair has been unpacked and installed, the delivery team will remove any debris from your home and ensure your chair is functioning properly. With white glove delivery, you’ll be stress free and enjoying your new WiseLift chair before you know it!

Please watch the following video for a more detailed description of the White Glove Service: WiseLift – White Glove Assembly

what is the seat width of the wiselift 450?

24 inches is the approximate width. However, the overstuffed armrests are designed to yield easily to the users shape and size. This will accommodate a wide range of users.

Do you have how to videos?

We sure do.  please visit our youtube channel.  Feel free to call customer service at (877) 782-2010 if you need further assistance

what is your warranty?

WiseLift 450 3 years

WiseLift 120 3 years

WiseLift Table 1 year

Please contact customer service at (877) 782-2010 for assistance

what is the return policy?
Wiselift will replace or repair your product if delivered damaged or later found to be defective. If your WiseLift product is delivered damaged, contact customer service center at (877) 782-2010 for assistance within 72 hours of delivery.
There are no refunds. Orders canceled after shipment while in transit will be refunded less freight and handling charges.
How do I just use the massage feature with no heat?
Once you press the red on/off button this turns both heat and massage on. To turn the heat off simply press the “heat” button one time.  This will leave just  the massage feature on.
How do I just use the heat feature with no massage?

Once you press the red on/off button this turns both heat and massage on. To turn the massage off simply press the “massage” button one time.  This will leave just the heat feature on.

How do I turn voice command on/off
Hold down the “Vibration Intensity” button down for 10 seconds. The LCD screen will flash and this will turn voice command on / off.


Get Ready for Delivery

Pick Out a Space For Your New Furniture

Select an area that is near an electrical  outlet, with plenty of space in front and behind your WiseLift product for full range of positions.

Measure Twice & Measure Again!

Check the wall clearance required for your purchase, and be sure you will have plenty or room to operate your new WiseLift product. 

Clear a Path for Your Delivery

The selected area for your delivery should be  clean and void of any furniture, with adequate space for the delivery team to work.

Ensure Entry Access For Your Delivery

Your delivery team will call to setup a delivery time. Inform them of any access codes required, and be available by phone if they need special directions.

Report Damaged Item

Please contact customer service at
(877) 782-2010 and we will replace your item
and file a claim with the freight forwarder 


We do not accept returns, however if your product is damaged, we will gladly fix or replace it during the warranty period.

Track your order

Please check your email for the tracking link, or call our customer service at (877) 782-2010 and we will gladly track your order for you.


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wiselift 450 sleeper, recliner &lift chair

wiselift 120 Lift Chair

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