Durability Meets Luxury

WiseLift products are built for all day and night use.  Each piece features rugged construction, durable materials and masterful craftsmanship.  Our Lift chairs and other designs focus around your all day comfort, with innovative features only available on the WiseLift Collection.

WiseLift 450

The most advanced lift chair and most comfortable sleep chair

WiseLift Table

The most versatile side table that lifts, swivels, tilts and has 3 USB power ports

WiseLift 120

The WiseLift 120 is a space saving Lift chair for dining rooms, living areas and work spaces. The WiseLift 120 slides forward to bring you right up to the table,   When pushed back, the WiseLift 120   swivels away from the table and lifts with the press of a button.

Call  for   Medicare and Veterans Appreciation Discounts 

NO FORMS !    Simply inform your WiseLift assistant if you are on Medicare, or are a Veteran.     Ordering your WiseLift chair takes only a few minutes, and orders received by 3:00 pm ship the same day!