WiseLift 120 
Low Profile Versatile Lift Chair


The WiseLift 120 is a space saving Lift chair for dining rooms, living areas and work spaces. The WiseLift 120 slides forward to bring you right up to the table,  When pushed back, the WiseLift 120  swivels away from the table and lifts with the press of a button.

Join the Family…
At the Head of the Table

That’s where all the great stories are told!  The best memories are created at the family dinner table.  You are the family historian, and the family wants you there.  The WiseLift 120 puts you there, with the confidence and independence to seat yourself.

A Low Profile Versatile Lift Chair

The WiseLift 120 is sleek and stylish, designed by our skilled craftsman to work in any room in your home or workplace. With the lift feature being just the seat, and not the entire chair, this discrete wall huger will give you true comfort and independence.  Let the WiseLift 120 do the lifting and squatting for you, and you’ll get in and out of this chair with little effort. 

Dining room

Slides comfortably under the table and blends in with modern home decor

Work Spaces

At home or the office, the WiseLift 120 blends in with professional furniture

Welcome to the Wiselift 120

No Other Chair Can do This!

slide forward to snuggle up to the table. the wiselift 120 arms fit underneath the table to get you right up to your place setting

slide away from the table, and swivel to get up with ease. the wiselift 120 is also ideal for living rooms with multiple focus areas

with the press of a button lift to a near standing position to get up with ease. use the lift function to raise your seat a few inches while at the table for a more comfortable posture.

The WiseLift 120 is crafted from the highest quality materials, and covered with luxurious Enduralux leather;  very soft, plush and durable. The WiseLift 120 is so simple to use and very easy to clean.  Take the stress off your knees and back with our most advanced lift feature. You’ll experience true comfort and independence. 

The seat is constructed of a 2 component cushion including memory foam and plush layers of padding for enduring comfort.

The ergonomic lift control is built into the armrest, right where you would have your hands placed for support and stability.


Enduralux Leather

Enduralux Leather is soft, plush and comfortable, designed to look great in your home.  The variations in grain and texture reflect the visual appearance of realistic leather.  Enduralux Leather withstands scratches and scrapes, that would mar genuine leather.  You’ll have no problem wiping this chair clean.  Enduralux leather is stain resistant and fade resistant.


A warm black, we sometimes refer to this color as ink Black because of the deep rich black tone.


A soft, medium brown color with dark yellow and red undertones; it closely resembles the bark of a Sequoia tree

ships fully assembled

What’s in the Box

WiseLift 120 Lift Chair – completely assembled – We’ve thought of everything, including your convenience.   Just plug it in. 


1 machine washable & absorbent seat protector.


Headrest & lumbar pillow – filled with memory foam, adjust to your exact comfort,  from the top of the headrest to the lower lumbar 




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