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The WiseLift 450 is soft, plush and exceptionally comfortable.  It lays completely flat, for a comfortable night of sleep regardless of your sleeping position. The chair back and feet operate independently, so find a position just right for you, and sleep through the night. The easy to use remote can memorize your favorite sleep position, and get you there every night. The WiseLift 450 is a favorite with those suffering from sleep apnea or chronic snoring. You’ll get the best sleep  whether you lay perfectly flat, or need your head or feet elevated.

The smooth and quiet WiseLift 450s’ motors provide a smooth and stable transition from sitting to standing. This will provide more freedom to you or your loved one around the house and create a safer environment. If you have knee, hip or back pain, you’ll experience true comfort and independence.  Let the WiseLift 450 do the lifting and squatting for you.

The WiseLift 450 recliner feature has been honed to perfection through the expertise of our world-class designer. A favorite in media rooms, it is ergonomically engineered for long lasting relaxation. The back rest can be adjusted so your neck and shoulders are at the precise vertical viewing angle for watching tv or reading. That’s the feature in high end media chairs. You’ll want to spend all day in your WiseLift 450.

Enduralux Fabric is a breathable micro-suede performance fabric designed to look great in your home. The material is soft, plush and durable, and fade resistant.  You will also enjoy that Enduralux Fabric is pet approved and kid friendly. It is low maintenance and you’ll have no problem wiping this chair clean.

The WiseLift 450 Espresso is our most popular and favorite color, this is a rich brown color similar to that of a coffee bean. A slight olive hue.